1. Have Fun!

We mean it. This is hackathon is meant to bring people together to create solutions for girls and women. We want you to work respectfully with each other, be challenged, and have the best time doing it. You should be learning new things and making friends throughout the weekend!  

As for code of conduct, we expect everyone to to adhere to this: https://hackcodeofconduct.org/

2. Build Something

Build and demonstrate your idea through a functioning prototype. Your projects are not required to be technical; however, development is part of the judging criteria.

3. Write Your Code Here

Any code for the project must be entirely coded at the hackathon (you get over 24 hours to hack!). However, we do encourage use of publicly available frameworks/APIs and open-source code.

4. Code Audits

Any finalists will have their code audited by a developer appointed by Girls in Tech. Your code is yours, but we would like to see it if you are a finalist.

5. Track Your Code

Use Git or an equivalent to track your code as you write it. If it comes down to an audit, it’ll help you prove your code is new.

6. Build Something New And Great

Really push yourself to create something that is a viable solution to help girls and women - the possibilities are endless! You could do anything from helping women keep track of their menstrual cycle to creating an app to tackle sex trafficking.

7. Present What You Submit

You must pitch your product as what you’ve submitted to us! If you deviate from your submission, your pitch will not be considered during the judging process.

8. Team Size and Membership

Each team will be limited to a size of 3-5 members. Every hacker is limited to working with one team to submit one project. We want to to see your best work and to dedicate your time on a single project.